UX London presented by Clearleft

15th17th June 2009 Cumberland Hotel, London


UX London is a fantastic three-day event which opens with a day of inspirational presentations, followed by four half-days of practical, in-depth workshops covering core skills, strategic thinking and advanced techniques.

Workshop days are divided across three tracks so there will always be something for everyone. You can change tracks at anytime although workshop capacity is limited to fifty, and seating is on a first come first served basis.

UX London has finished …for now. Thanks to everyone who attended.

  1. Mon 15th June
  2. Tue 16th June
  3. Wed 17th June

Day 1 — Presentations


16 (Mostly) Difficult Steps for Becoming a Customer Experience-Driven Organisation

This talk can serve as a guidebook for your next 2-3 years.

Peter Peter Merholz


Customer service might just be the UX motherlode.

Eric Eric Reiss



Parti and the Design Sandwich

In this talk, Luke Wroblewski will illustrate how the World’s most accessed Web page, yahoo.com, was redesigned with a parti and the design sandwich.

Luke Luke Wroblewski

Designing from the Inside Out: Behaviour as the Engine of Product Design

An honest job of design should flow from the inside out, not from the outside in. So said Henry Dreyfuss in 1955. It has never been more true than it is now.

Dan Dan Saffer



What Makes a Design Seem Intuitive?

User Interface Engineering’s recent research has given insight into why it’s hard to build an “intuitive” interface and how to get past major obstacles.

Jared Jared Spool

Designing Our Way Through Data

The hype around Web 2.0 continues to increase to the point of absurdity. We hear all about a rich web of data, but what can we learn from these trends to actually apply to our designs?

Jeff Jeffrey Veen



In Favour of Complexity

Complexity can be good, leading to a rich, satisfying life, filled with rich, satisfying experiences. The goal is complexity with order, lucidity and understandability.

Don Don Norman

Day 2 — Workshops


Information Architecture: Just the Essentials

Donna Donna Spencer

This half-day workshop will cover the essential aspects of Information Architecture. No filler, no fluff, just pure IA.

Brainstorming and Design Principles

Dan Dan Saffer

This hands-on workshop will look at some of the best practices for rapidly generating concepts.

Influencing Strategy by Design

Luke Luke Wroblewski

This course will maximise a designer’s ability to help their organisation make better decisions.




Designing for Content-Rich Sites

Jared Jared Spool

At the end of this workshop, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to greatly enhance the usability of your content-rich site.

Designing for people

Donna Donna Spencer

This half-day workshop teaches a set of fundamental principles that are useful for all types of design work — information architecture, interaction design, visual design and even industrial design.

Product Strategy and Planning Tools

Peter Peter Merholz

Successful user experience design requires planning and strategic thinking. What are the new design methods that will ensure success in your work?

Day 3 — Workshops


Copy Writing and the Web

Eric Eric Reiss

In just three hours, content guru Eric Reiss will show you how to create findable, scannable, skim-able, and readable on-line content. This is the stuff that creates understanding, builds trust, and increases conversion rates.

Quick Sketching for Interaction Design

Mark Mark Baskinger William William Bardel

This workshop will provide clear and simple methodologies to empower interaction between designers and to help you learn how hand sketching techniques—with pens and pencils—can be a means of recording, sharing and presenting ideas to others.

UX Management

Margaret Margaret Hanley

This course helps provide UX managers, at whatever stage of their career, the ability to put in place procedures and environments for development.




Wireframing Web 2.0 for Design and Definition

Richard Richard Rutter James James Box

Wireframes are evolving into the ideal tool for defining, designing and documenting interaction challenges, and this workshop will show you how.

Design Research

Leisa Leisa Reichelt

In this workshop we will focus on a practical approach to design research that can be applied to projects small and large.

Getting Real with Agile Design

Cennydd Cennydd Bowles

Based on extensive research and personal experience, this session will present practical advice how user experience practitioners can remain relevant in Agile times.

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