UX London presented by Clearleft

15th17th June 2009 Cumberland Hotel, London

Wireframing Web 2.0 for Design and Definition

Day 3 1:30pm5:00pm

Modern websites and applications are demanding richer, more nuanced forms of interaction, content and engagement. These pose new challenges for today’s designer. Wireframes are evolving into the ideal tool for defining, designing and documenting these challenges, and this workshop will show you how.

Perfect for user experience designers, information architects, visual designers, front-end coders or producers, we’ll cover the following topics:

  • Success criteria.
  • Planning and research.
  • The joy of paper.
  • The wireframe as a website.
  • The wireframe as documentation.
  • The wireframes as part of a process.
  • Using and abusing patterns, libraries & frameworks.
  • Designing for user-generated content.
  • Designing and documenting:
    • Ajax
    • Complex interactions
    • Page states – newbies, members and admins.
  • Energising annotations.
  • Usability testing.
  • Presenting wireframes (and sneak a peek at ours).

Throughout the workshop we’ll be designing a set of wireframes for the latest and greatest social network. It’ll be fun and by the end of the workshop you will have learned how to use wireframes a design aid, a documentation methodology and a usability tool. You will have gathered best practices for using wireframes in your process, best bets for efficient use of wireframes and a whole host of design tips along the way.

UX London has finished …for now. Thanks to everyone who attended.